Our Company has adopted a drug and alcohol policy that prohibits possessing drugs or controlled substances and discourages the consumption of alcohol at work, at offices or interior work locations.

  • No individual shall be allowed to work while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any controlled substances.

  • No individual shall bring to work, to site, to interior work location or have in his / her possession for sale drugs, alcohol or any controlled substances.

  • Searches for drugs and alcohol may be conducted where the Company has reasonable grounds to believe drugs or alcohol have been brought onto its premises or the premises of its clients. Failure to cooperate will be regarded as an act of serious misconduct.

  • Our Company will ensure that all employees are aware of this policy, in addition should an employee disregard the Laws of the country, he / she will be subject to investigation or prosecution by the concerned authorities owing to drugs and alcohol dependency he / she will also be subject to summary dismissal, even in the case of first violation.

  • Compliance with this policy is a condition of employment.

Our Company recognises drug or alcohol dependency as a treatable condition and will encourage employees who believe and admit they have a dependency to seek medical advice. In addition should an employee apply in confidence to his/her manager that he/she requires help in overcoming this dependency, Company shall:
  • Offer counselling to employees and seek advice from medical centres on their behalf.

  • Offer assistance to those employees who self-disclose they have a dependency problem or addiction to either drugs or alcohol. However should the dependency be discovered as a result of disciplinary situation, the individual would be subject to normal disciplinary procedures.