Our facility in Lekhwair (North) includes the following:


  • Accommodation rooms up to 1500 guests with single, double and triple bed rooms. There are 4 accommodation buildings namely Lekhwair, Ibri, Fahud and Adam. All rooms are furnished with modern high quality furniture, bed, bedside table, desk, chair, refrigerator, mirror, bedside carpet and telephone. Single rooms include additional LCD TV and the beds are wider for better comfort. For the double and triple rooms, we have designed separate toilet, shower and wash hand basin in order for people to use comfortably. All rooms are furnished with high quality 100% cotton sheets, high quality pillows, and orthopedic fire repellant mattresses.
  • Large 2,350 sqm kitchen and canteen facility, with state of the art Lotus kitchen equipment (from Italy). Our operation is ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety Management System) certified, and our canteen is furnished with high quality modern furniture with optional retractable aluminum partitions. Our menu caters to the taste and needs of our multi-cultural residents, with wide variety and high quality dishes.
  • Reception desk with 24 hours receptionist acting as help desk and concierge tending to our resident`s needs.
  • Fully equipped PDO approved & MOH certified clinic facility with Doctor and Medic on 24 hour stand-by. In case of emergency ambulance drivers and ambulance always available in case of emergency. The total built up area of reception / clinic building is 540 sqm.
  • 447 sqm business center facility with conference room, meeting room, communal areas and offices for rent.
  • 960 sqm laundry, bakery and cold / dry storage area with state of the art equipment Lotus (Italy) for bakery and cold rooms, and Imesa (Italy) equipment for laundry.
  • 1,410 sqm maintenance block including back-up generator (CAT) of 350 KVA.
  • 875 sqm recreation area 1 with coffee shop / bar with darts board, arabic majlis and library.
  • 855 sqm recreation area 2 with billiard table, table tennis tables, internet cafe and other recreational games (carom-ball, chess, backgammon etc.).
  • 1,295 sqm gymnasium (multipurpose) state of the art fully equipped along with squash court, supervised by our gym instructor / recreation attendant.
  • 468 sqm TV - DVD rooms / cinema-auditorium where we have 2 screening rooms with cable channels and DVD machine, and a large auditorium for conferences, presentations etc. We also offer our residents movie nights where we play English and Hindi movies on the big screen with refreshments and snacks.
  • We have a shop building with shops for rent for the local community around 238 sqm.
  • 1,000 sqm Friday prayer mosque with residing Imams.
  • 570 sqm elevated swimming pool area with storage underneath.
  • We also have outdoor basketball, badminton, tennis, mini soccer courts and cricket pitch.
The total estimated cost for the Lekhwair PAC facility is around 23,900,000/-.
We provide our clients with quality assured services far exceeding their expectations in catering, laundry, housekeeping, maintenance and facility management.