Our Company recognises the absolute value of its employees. To enhance the proficiency of its workforce, our Company has embarked on a programme of competence development. The primary aim is to create an effective and efficient learning environment where the individual`s skill and knowledge level achieves the Company`s prime business objectives.
Our Management is committed to develop human resources through Competence Assessment and Assurance programme which consists of:
  • Evaluate our workforce.

  •  Enhance the skills and knowledge of our employees.

  • Train and encourage our people to achieve vocational qualifications.

  • Increase competency to international standards.

  • Benchmark best practice.

  • Integrate HSE into the competency framework.

  • Maintain competence in the work place by periodic review.

  •  External verifiers will ensure the CA & A system is operating to specification.

Our Company, by using this process, shall establish continuing professional development of its workforce.