• Our Company is committed to protect the health and safety of its entire staff and other involved persons affected by our activities. Management recognises its legal, moral, humanitarian and economical responsibilities to protect the environment throughout our activities and business. This HSE policy shall be treated as one of the core corporate duties, which means that it shall get Management commitment, accountability, leadership and adequate resources to guarantee success. 

  • We shall set clear and measurable objectives and targets, which shall be reviewed regularly.

  •  Our Company shall adhere to legislation and regulations of the following competent authorities:
- Occupational Health & Industrial Safety Precautions, Sultanate of Oman, Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Decision No.19 of 1982.
- PDO’s Policy Document, PL-38 “Health, Safety and Environment Protection”.

  •   We shall set an appropriate HSE Management structure with clearly defined ownerships and accountabilities.

  •  HSE performance shall be audited regularly and appropriate actions taken.

  •  All staff including the Management is accountable for HSE in their jobs and immediate environment and therefore they shall be adequately equipped and trained.

  •  Our Management shall communicate all relevant HSE matters to all staff such that there is always a high level of HSE awareness throughout the organization.

  •  Our Management shall establish mechanisms to prevent or minimize HSE violations including appropriate and effective corrective / disciplinary actions to violators.

  • HSE will be part of performance evaluation of all staff including those in leadership position.

  • We will empower all staff to promote HSE working practices in their work environments and encourage others to do the same.